Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Vacant Positions For Club Officers

As mentioned in today's club meeting, we have two vacant positions in our club executive;

Vice-President, Public Relations

To get a better idea of what these positions are all about, click on each of the two positions above. The back of your Competent Leader manual will also have a description of these roles as well.

If you are interested in any of these two positions in order to help our club out as well as to take on a new leadership position for your own development, please let either Susan or Clint know. There are no prerequisites except for the will to help out. All we ask is that you attend club officer training on either January 17 or 24, attend the majority of club exec meetings held the same morning of our first club meetings each month and have the desire to learn. We will train you. These club officer roles will also give you credit towards your Advance Leader Bronze award.

If there is only one interested member for any of these positions, that member will get voted in automatically. If there are more than one member going after the same exec position, then we will have a special election on Dec 20 where candidates present a short 2-3 minute campaign speech and the rest of us will vote.

These positions will be for the term Jan 1 to June 30/09.