Saturday, March 2, 2013

Speaker's Think Time Showcase

Please find more information about the event of Speaker's Think Time Showcase Jocelyne spoke about today:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Humourous and Table Topics Contest

Before the contest started, our Chief Judge Jocelyn Vezina (DTM), discussed all the rules and regulations of the contest to all the judges, vote counters, time keepers, and seargeant-at-arms. 

Briefing Session

Here are some memorable images during the event:


Table Topics Speech Contest

Shaurav Dey

James Nguyen

Humourous Speech Contest

James Nguyen

Raj Kang


Table Topics Speech

2nd Prize Winner James Nguyen with our Area Governor, Nikesh Amit
1st Prize Winner Shaurav Dey with the Club's founder/mentor, Susan Lamb-Robinson (DTM)
Humourous Speech

2nd Prize Winner Raj Kang with Nikesh Amit (Area Governor)

1st Prize Winner James Nguyen with Susan Lamb-Robinson (DTM)

                          Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters Club would like to thank our fellow Toastmasters:   

Supriya Habbu for being our event's Chair

Jocelyn Vezina, DTM, for being our Chief Judge

We also would like to congratulate Jocelyn Vezina for achieving the highest award in
Toastmasters International, DTM.

Thank you to all our guests who visited our club during this special event. 

To all the executive team members and club members, our deepest appreciation.

And most impostantly,we would like to acknowledge the leadership and hardwork of our President Nikita Pchelin. Your enthusiasm always brings success in our club.  Keep up the good work, Mr. CSC President/Area Governor 54.

Enjoy your fall season!

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 18th 2012: Open House

Past meeting, we hosted wonderful Open House event organized by Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters and Lambs to Lions Toastmasters clubs. With about 15 guests in attendance, the room was packed and everybody enjoyed a great time. The event was, widely advertised and you can even find an article about us on the Mississauga News website.

Below are some pictures from the event. We thank all of our guests (especially those who since have become members!) for attending the meeting and we look forward to our next Open House event this Spring.

Monday, August 6, 2012

We Had Fun @ Spring Rolls Restaurant!

Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters Club loves to check the best restaurants around Mississauga area. And for this, our last trip was @ Spring Rolls (, offering a high quality Pan-Asian cuisine.

Two weeks before our regular meeting, we distributed this e-flyer to all the members:

We were able to invite more of our beloved club members and the images are as follows:

What a great group!

We will surely miss you, Mario. We hope to see you soon.

Thank you Jonathan for being our special guest!

Rima, one of our Club's founders/pioneers, our deepest appreciation for joining us this special day.

 Was this picture a stolen shot? Naaahhh.. We were just having fun.

This is not going to be our last lunch date. Tell us next time where's the next place!

We thank our VP of Education, Supriya Habbu, for bringing her camera and sharing the photos to the club. For more activities, we will keep all Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters Club members posted.