Sunday, September 19, 2010

Canadian Motivational Speaker Always Accessible To Toastmasters Clubs

It was really fun chairing the special club meeting we had this Saturday with Raj doing a very interesting Table Topic-advanced manual project and Jocelyne with her workshop. We also had time to do a special Quebec style Table Topics session on top of that since it was a good preparation for the October club contest. Because of other duties as a Canadian Motivational speaker, I haven't chaired a Toastmasters club meeting for a long time now.

At the end of the meeting, I mentioned that it was to be my final official club meeting as I will need to commit my time elsewhere from now on. However, this doesn't mean goodbye to club members. This Canadian motivational speaker is online with a video show each week as I put out a new episode of Motivational WebTV. Everyone can catch the latest episodes at my official website. In fact, if you catch this blog post in time, the episode for week 4 of September will feature exciting video footage of scuba diving with dolphins in their own habitat underwater.

All club members of Comfortably Speaking can always contact me through my website if they ever have any questions about Toastmasters, public speaking or whatever. I am always just a mouseclick away. I may end up working with a few Toastmasters on some big speaking events in the future so stay tuned as I'm sure the club executive will keep everyone posted if these materialize.

My best wishes for all at Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters club and their progress!

Clint Cora, DTM
Canadian Motivational Speaker