Saturday, August 21, 2010

Club Meeting Recap August 21, 2010

Had a good club meeting today. Kunal did a speech on success with a story about his school basketball team tryout. Supriya did one on interpersonal relations while Roxine did one on her latest passion, wines. Nikesh did an advanced speech on how to become a better speaker.

Everyone did their meeting roles well and in particular, Cheryl did a pretty good job as a first timer in the Toastmaster role.

As General Evaluator, I did point out a few things that we as a club can work on. Here is my summary;

1) Chair can spend less than 10 seconds just to explain what Toastmasters International is since this goes a long way for guests.

2) Toastmaster can physically show both educational manuals so guests can see that there is something tangible here.

3) Club executive wearing name badges can increase interaction with guests and new members during breaks. We were all new members to Toastmasters once and we remember just how scary it can be in a new atmosphere so let's really try to make both guests and new members feel welcome.

4) Bring your CL manuals to every club meeting. This is the only form of feedback when doing our various meeting roles. After all, we want to do these roles well, right? Plus the club needs to achieve at least two CL awards in order to get one of the ten points in order to become Distinuished status for the year. Half of the members seem to be actively working on their CL manuals which is great. Let's move it up to everyone, especially for those who have not earned their CLs yet.

These points should be for every Toastmasters club meeting as they all help to make our meetings more effective and increase membership.

Thanks to all those who attended today. Hope it was worthwhile.

Until next time