Sunday, July 4, 2010

Toronto Motivational Speaker To Pass On Toastmasters Duties

I've been responsible for my Toastmasters club website and blog for some time now. In fact, I started this very blog here but as my Toronto motivational speaker career is starting to take up my time, I will have to pass on my duties for this blog to others at the Toastmasters club.

I don't even attend the majority of my Toastmasters club meetings anymore so it makes sense for others who are in regular attendance to start blogging about these meetings and other aspects of our Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters club.

Julie Decosse will be one of the new authors of this blog and I hope the other current members of the club executive will also sign on as well. This way, we can have multiple members posting to this blog.

Once this transition is complete, I will no longer participate actively on this blog maybe except for the odd guest post or comment on a post. It's time to let others become the bloggers for our Toastmasters club here in Mississauga.