Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sean Does It Again At Tall Tales Contest

We went into our first ever Tall Tales club contest with only one competitor (me) so this was going to turn out to be a contest demo more than anything else. But when Sean came into the meeting, I immediately asked him if he would do another impromptu speech as a contestant much like he did for the Humorous Speech contest a few months ago. Back at that contest, he took first place too.

Well, not only did he agree, but he did a great job as his speech sounded so well put together that it was almost as if he spent time working on it. Everyone was very impressed by his effort and courage. Even though the judges still voted in my favour, I think Sean is still a winner for being the trooper that he was. In my mind, it really doesn't matter what place any contestant gets because the biggest competition is not the next person, but is oneself. Any contestant who comes up and does his/her thing is a winner.

If we always tell our kids to participate in sports and that winning is not the real reason for competing, then as adults, we should lead by example. Next time contest time comes around, ask yourself, are you really leading by example?

Congrats Sean and I'm glad that you were able to take home yet another contest certificate. And thanks to Mei Yee for being such a good sport as she had to endure being the subject of my tall tale speech.


President, Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters