Sunday, September 7, 2008

Club Contest Roles and Competitors Needed

On page 65 of your Competent Leader manual, you will see the role for the Club Speech Contest Chair.  Since this role can be filled by only one individual and the opportunity comes around only twice per year, it is a VERY difficult credit to get.  Therefore, this is the last time that I will be offering this role to any of you for the upcoming club contest for September 20.

There were no takers for this key role at our meeting this weekend.  This e-mail will serve as last notice for this particular role.  If I don't get any takers by Tuesday night, either I will assume this Chair role or I will fill this position from outside the club.  I always want to help out our own members by getting all the credits they can but if there are no takers, this credit will go outside.

Of course, other roles like timers, judges and counters will get the Help Organize a Club Contest credit as described on page 38 of the same Competent Leader manual.  We still need volunteers for these roles since it was determined at the meeting that the contest will be a go as we do have competitors.

If you want to be a competitor for the Humorous Speech and/or Table Topics contests, let us know since there is still lots of room.  Again, no preparation need for the Table Topics contest and for the Humorous Speech contest, if you simply do a speech that has some funny parts, we CAN count it as a manual speech towards your Competent Communicator as long as we have someone to write up an evaluation in your manual for you.

So please get back to me for these various contest roles as I would like to start training the contest chair, and judges online before the contest date.