Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Benefit With Toastmasters

I was able to utilize yet another benefit of Toastmasters this past week.  I'm currently working on a 60 minute keynote that will be intended for audiences outside of Toastmasters due to its length.  Since Toastmasters is a great networking venue, even though most members in my observation do not take advantage of this, I had help from two awesome, experienced TM members this week.  Joe Vanderkooi, a long time member of Mississauga Valley TM club helped me for about five hours on Thursday and our own Susan Lamb-Robinson took her lunch hour on Friday also helped on the review for my keynote.

I have a good feeling about this keynote as it is definitely moving in the right direction with Joe and Susan's help.  It will be a keynote speech that I'm going to be quite proud of and will likely be my signature speech for some time.

So do take advantage of the experience that Toastmasters members have here.  But you have to network to find out who's who among the different local clubs.