Friday, August 8, 2008

Pay Attention To Key Toastmasters Club Roles

When you are attending our Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters club meetings here in Mississauga, pay attention to what the key club roles are doing.  I will not be present at the next club meeting but Susan will be back.  In case both Susan and I miss a particular meeting, we would like the other members to be able to take the club meeting and run with it.  It is our goal to have our members run club meetings efficiently without us.  That's why we will circulate you through as many of the club meeting roles as possible, starting with the smaller roles and then eventually to the larger ones like Toastmaster and Chair.  I conducted an educational module last year about how to do some key Toastmasters club meeting roles more effectively and will present it again soon since there are so many new members.