Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Meeting Roles Done Well

Today, Caroleen and Monika (hesitantly) did some major meeting roles and performed quite well in my opinion.  Caroleen did the crucial Toastmasters role which was acting as MC for the educational portion of our meeting.  She told me that she was not entirely happy with her performance but the thing to remember here is that to learn, one must do.  I think she did okay for her first time at this role and I'm sure it was a great learning experience.

Same thing with Monika.  I got her to step in as a speech evaluator and she did a fine job.  Next time will certainly be easier still.  This is following the example of Mei Yee.  When she first came to our club, she told me that she never did speech evaluations before.  I got her to try one and now, she's done a few already and is improving each time.

Don't worry about making mistakes at our club since that is how we all learn.  And you are in a supportive environment where you are allowed to make mistakes.