Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sexy Diversity Press Release


Yes, Diversity Can Make You Sexy!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 22, 2009 - Diversity, inclusion and equity are important factors promoted in society these days, especially in companies. However, sometimes diversity is considered as just another politically correct topic that doesn’t grab much public interest. Fortunately according to motivational and diversity speaker Clint Cora, diversity can certainly be a very sexy topic.

Cora claims that personal skills, which he refers to as ‘diversity skills’, developed from interactions with a wide variety of people from different cultures make an individual more attractive and sexy. He even proves his claim with a fun audience activity during his talks.

Women Prefer Mr. Worldly

The ladies in his audiences are presented profiles of two different men. Bachelor number one is the ‘Sports & Beer’ guy who only likes to talk about sports and is not well traveled resulting in a very narrow exposure to different cultures. He’s the typical meat and potatoes man, preferring to stick with very standard cuisine with a few bottles of beer.

In contrast, bachelor number two through his travels around the world has been exposed to many different foreign cultures, people, food, customs and languages. This man is definitely more ‘worldly’ than the first one.

When the women are asked to choose which guy they think would be a more interesting date based on just these characteristics, Cora reports, “They always overwhelmingly vote in favor for Mr. Worldly.”

Diversity Skills Make People Sexier

This proves that if a man immerses himself with culture and develops the diversity skills to be able to interact well with many different people, he will probably be considered sexier than other men who are much less cultured.

This can work for the ladies as well since cultured and sophisticated women are often considered more sexy than those who are not adventurous enough to appreciate diversity.

Cora says, “Let’s face it, anybody who has experienced the world is always more interesting to talk to compared to somebody who hasn’t ventured out too far from home.” He goes on to add that, “A diverse environment also offers ideal opportunities for people to develop diversity skills.”

Since diversity skills are now essential to both business and personal success in a diverse society such as North America, Clint Cora, a well-traveled former corporate executive and karate world champion, presents a program called ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ at companies, universities and colleges – see for more info and articles on success. Being skilled in diversity is indeed very sexy.

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